Repulsives @ 1000 Appeltjes (Antwerpen) II

87-06-28: Generic (UK), Electro Hippies (UK), Repulsives (Bel), Dona Nobis Pacem (Bel)

87-06-28 Repulsives (1000 Appeltjes)

‘Wiebel’ (Gunter Van Den Bogaert) invited us to play at this legendary place in the Rodestraat (near the ‘Paardenmarkt’) 2 times. It definitely helped us to reach a wider audience and to broaden our network. Of course we also came over several times to see other bands when we didn’t play ourselves. (Check here for a whole list of concerts @ 1000 Appeltjes)

This was the first time ever I met ‘Sned’ – he was playing drums for ‘Generic’. Also Micky McGuinness (guitar) had been in the band (little was I to know we’ld meet many times again when they toured with their later bands – ‘One By One’, ‘Ebola’, …) but here the guitarist was Terry ‘Turbo’ Phipps (who was the bassist untill Micky left; Terence left in ’88 and joined ‘H.D.Q.’ Sep. ’89), Nat played bass and ‘Wizz’ Michael Wise was the vocalist.

They were touring together with ‘Electro Hippies’ (bassist Dom(inique) – drummer Simon – guitarist Andy Barnard). The split-LP Play Loud Or Not At All that Sned had released on his Flat Earth label was recorded right after this (Sep.’ 86). If I remember well their driver was this guy called Digger, which I corresponded with for a while after this.

Onno Hesselink’s first band ‘Indecency’ had cancelled so I was introduced to the local ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ (Manfred ‘Munpie’ Vinck – vocals & guitar, Alex – drums, Dirk Wouters – bass & vocals, Gerrit – guitar) for the first time. Being a big fan of ‘Antisect’ (which they reminded me of), they immediately got my attention and I went to see them as often as I could.

87-06-28 Repulsives Brob+Stinky (1000 Appels) by Sned‘Repulsives’: Brob (Mr sXe) & Stinky (Mr Budweiser) – photo by ‘Sned’

87-06-28 Repulsives Brob (1000 Appels) by S Smitspic by Stef Smits

87-06-28 Generic (1000 A) by Dirk DNP‘Generic’ (Terry with straw hat, Sned, Wiz & Nat), photo courtesy of Dirk Wouters

87-06-28 Electro Hippies' (1000A) by Agna‘Electro Hippies’, picture taken by Agna Van Rillaer

87-06-28 Dona Nobis Pacem (1000A)‘Dona Nobis Pacem’, photo kindly donated by Dirk Wouters