Repulsives @ De Garde (Brasschaat)

86-04-26: No Pigs (Nl), Repulsives (Bel), Ear Damage (Bel), Brutal Society (Bel), Zaubépine (Bel)

86-04-26 Repulsives - No Pigs - etc

De Garde was a youtcentre along a busy road North of Antwerp where some punx volunteered (‘Bad Influence’s Bart Belmans & Holy Herwin, and ‘Scoundrels’ Bootsie). Repulsives hadn’t done many concerts out of our area yet so I don’t know why and who invited us. Word to mouth, I guess… Or we might’ve done our P.R. well at gigs we attended ;-). I drove my dad’s Lada to take us to the big city.

This was our first gig as a quartet, with Dirk drumming and so Stinky was able to take his role as the confident performer front-stage he was. Our first bassist Stefaan ‘Disorder’ was still in the band.

86-04-26 Repulsives (Brasschaat) by Werner H86-04-26 Repulsives' (De Garde Brasschaat) by Pat Labie‘Repulsives’: pics by Werner Hendrycks (De Vergeten Jeugd ‘zine) & Patrick Delabie (‘Scoundrels)

It certainly was an honour to be able to play with ‘No Pigs’ (who we’ld invite a couple of times for Smurfpunx gigs) and we were looking forward to seeing ‘Verdomde Idioten’ and ‘Bad Influence’ aswell. Unfortunately the latter were replaced but we got to play with ‘Ear Damage’ (ex ‘Zyklome-A’ – Mark & Bie had become friends, and it was probably the first time we met Dirk – it was their second gig ever I think) and ‘Brutal Society’ (which we didn’t know yet).

‘Brutal Society’ (from Antwerp) were Manfred ‘Munpie’ Vinck (bass/vocals; later ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’), Fred (guitar/vocals) and Joris (drums). Zaubépine was a trio from Péruwelz (Tournai area, French-speaking province Hainaut), a humorous punk-band led by Jean-François Fleury (bass/vocals; who also did a zine and a tape-label, if I remember correctly).

bespreking Repulsives Brasschaat (DROL 10)This review in D.R.O.L. #10 (zine from Leuven) – by Dirk ‘Ear Damage’ – mentions some fighting during our set but I can’t recall any of that. I thouhgt the vibe was pretty positive… Den Bossche was there anyway to protect us from evil skins (as he had done in the Gele Limonade on 85-10-19)

As you can see on the pics below (courtesy of Serge Harvent), there were also a lot of great people that were or would become friends (‘Scoundrels’ Pat, SoeSoe (R.I.P), some of the ‘Hate Crew’ gang, Ludo & Felix of the Leuven Q104 gigs, etc.)

86-04-26 No Pigs'‘No Pigs’: Guy Pinhas (bass), Robert van der Meyden (drums), Maarten Luijendijk (vocals), Nils Koning (guitar) ; playing over the ‘Scoundrels’ sound-system

86-04-26 Zaubépine (Brasschaat)‘Zaubépine’ (with strategically placed crate of beer)

86-04-26 Brutal Society'‘Brutal Society’

86-04-26 Ear Damage'''‘Ear Damage’ (‘Repulsives’ Faan -L- & Stnky -R- in admiration)

86-04-26 Kris & Guy Hate Crew (+ Natasja & Pascal)the ‘Hate Crew’/Smurfpunx gang: Kris – Natasja – Guy – Pascal

86-04-26 Ear damge with Stinky, Ludo & Felix (-)Stinky befriending Ludo Vannoppen en Felix De Witte