Repulsives @ Biekorf (Heist-op-den-Berg)

86-12-28: Anguish (Bel), Repulsives (Bel), C.P.D. (Bel), Taartje Aardbei (Bel)

86-12-28 Anguish - Repulsives - C.P.D. - Taartje Aardbei (Heist-Op-Den-Berg)

I have no recollectiion of who or what Rabbit-core was but I do know we were invited by a wonderful couple: Agna Van Rillaer and her partner Gunter Vaes. I’m pretty sure they’d seen us play already elsewhere because they were visiting HC/punk gigs all over the country. Agna was an excellent photographer but I haven’t seen any pics done by her at this gig.

We played with some of the excellent younger bands (like us) at that time. We had played with ‘Anguish‘ (from Leuven) and ‘C.P.D.‘ (from Hamme) at least once before; we also met them at other concerts and they’d become mates.

‘Taartje Aardbei’ were more or less from the area¬†(Werchter/Bonheiden) and rather “fresh”. The band consisted of Bart Schoofs (vocals), Dirk Verbeeck (drums), Fons Ceuppens (bass) and Tom Claes (guitar). Humour was an important ingredient. Bart had a disarming sense of irony. Fons joined ‘Anguish’ after a while and later was in ‘5Les’. Dirk & Bart moved on to ‘Banger Pet Band’ and ‘Mind Exit’. Nowadays Bart is a professional cartoonist/publicist (

86-12-28 Repulsives (Heist op den Berg) by Dirk DNP‘Repulsives’ in action (photo kindly donated by Dirk, bassist of ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’)

86-12-28 Repulsives gig-review (Kwalpol #1)gig-review by Bart Schoofs in the first issue of his zine Kwalpol (About ‘Repulsives’: “Damn! If I could I would go live in their rehearsal-room! What an atmosphere…excellent band.”)

86-12-28 Repulsives gig-review (Genocide #2) by Bert (+)

86-12-28 Repulsives gig-review (Genocide #2) by Bert'

gig-review by Bert Gysemans in his zine Genocide #2 (He mentions that we didn’t like ‘Cyclone’ but we were just annoyed by the commercial attitude of some of its members; we were good mates with their bassist Stefaan)

[The drawing comes from Kwalpol #1 (my addition) and exemplifies Bart Schoofs’ humour…]