Repulsives @ Smurfpunx (Aalst) II

86-12-19: Ceresit (Ger), Repulsives (Bel), Dawn Of Liberty (Bel), [No Pigs (Nl)], [S.C.A. (Nl)]

Smurfpunx (Aalst 86, Repulsives) 2ndSmurfpunx (Aalst 86, Repulsives) bis

The second time we played for Smurfpunx with ‘Repulsives’; this time in the venue that they would become their (our) home-base (more or less): Netwerk (De Ridderstraat, Aalst). The first concert the collective did there as you can read in the post on the Smurfpunx site. I wasn’t part of the collective at that time yet…

Bruno ‘Duco’ (‘Hate Crew’s guitarist) had arranged 2 gigs for the Berliner band ‘Ceresit’ (unknown to us but a nice surprise). We were looking forward to play with ‘No Pigs’ (from Amsterdam) again – since we’d played with them earlier that year (86-04-26) but unfortunately they didn’t make it because the drummer got ill. The band that was supposed to replace them – ‘S.C.A.’ (‘Strong Concentration of Anger’; also from Amsterdam), who had impressed us in Scherpenheuvel (86-10-05) – didn’t show up either.

The third band that played were ‘Dawn Of Liberty’ (originally named ‘Astrant’ – they had just changed their name) from Overpelt (Limburg, Belgium). Nice fellows and great musicians (anarcho-core with a firm touch of metal): singer Stefan Joosten (who would later become the editor of Gonzo Cirus music-magazine), guitarists Danny ‘Fritz’ Brebels & Danny Vandevelde, bassist Luc ‘Tweeva’ Deckers and drummer Stijn Persoons (who played in various outfits, e.g. ‘Kosjer D’). A great band; so Smurfpunx asked them back a few times!