Repulsives @ Smurfpunx (Aalst) I

86-09-07: Toxic Reasons (USA), K.G.B. (Ger), Ear Damage (Bel), Repulsives (Bel), Hate Crew (Bel)

Smurfpunx (Aalst 86, Toxic Reasons)

The first time we played for Smurfpunx with ‘Repulsives’. The collective had done a few gigs in the Roxy in Dendermonde but moved to Aalst for this one. I wasn’t part of the collective yet at that time so I’m not really sure of why this was. Using this venue (Nieuwe Madelon; on the market-place) brought them a bit closer to what would become their base (Netwerk in the De Ridderstraat). They only used this venue once. It was a bit of a ‘posh’ place, with a big stage. As one can read in the post on the Smurfpunx site, it was a bit of an adventure for us. ‘Repulsives’ wasn’t on the flyer but we’d become friends with the ‘Hate Crew’ guys (we’d played together with them for the first time a few weeks before) so Mokka – who was always with them – and them decided to invite us aswell. Of course we already knew each other since the infamous skinhead-attack at the Gele Limonade… And I had been on a trips abroad with ‘H.C.’s guitarist Duco.

‘Toxic Reasons’ were an ‘established’ band in the HardCore-punk scene. They’d already done shows in Belgium (Antwerp) the 2 years before. Now they were touring with the German punk-rock band ‘K.G.B.’ (who had already played with ‘T.R.’ in the US). The day before Werner E. did a gig for them in Diest and I reckon he’d asked Mokka to set up this gig. The Americans’ ‘Bullets for You’ album was re-released in Europe by Alternative Tentacles. I think I bought Letzte Bestellung on tape from the Germans; they also did a great cover of Ballroom Blitz by ‘The Sweet’.

‘Ear Damage’ also played their 1st Smurfpunx gig but they had already played in Aalst (@ the Kiët, 86-08-23 with ‘Heibel’ and ‘Cyclone’) and we’d been on a bill together in Brasschaat (86-04-26)…

86-12-19 Repulsives Stinky (Madelon)Stinky (using Dirk ‘Ear Damage’s guitar) – Dirk (drums)

86-12-19 Repulsives Disorder (Madelon)Faan Disorder (bass) [‘Hate Crew’s Kris F. in the back]

86-12-19 Repulsives Brob (Madelon)Brob (guitar) [‘Stupids’ shirt bought in London earlier that summer ;-)]


some extra photos (courtesy of ‘Ear Damage’s Dirk Ceustermans):

86-09-07 Repulsives (Dirk C)

86-09-07 Repulsives - Stinky (Dirk C)

86-09-07 Repulsives - Brob (Dirk C)

86-09-07 Repulsives - Faan (Dirk C)

gig-review in the Belgian zine Zonder Toestemming #2:

>> Repulsives were excellent, as always; very Americanish, their song No More Fascist Skins should be realsed on vinyl.<<


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