Repulsives @ Close-Up (Harelbeke)

86-12-06: Vernon Walters (Nl), Dirty Scums (Bel), No Numbers (Bel), Repulsives (Bel)

86-12-06 Repulsives (Harelbeke)

I believe it was Piet Depauw who invited us to do this concert. We knew him from punk-gigs at the Reflex in Kortrijk. He was a volunteer at this youth-centre (if I remember well it was loacted behind a church near a river) and later would get engaged in The Pits in Kortrijk. Nice guy, with an outgoing personality. Too sad he passed away already…

Piet Depauw (18 jan 1966 - 4 jan 2012)Piet Depauw (1966-01-18 – 2012-01-04)

The evening was a benefit for the ‘Wim and Jan committee’, an organisation in support of the 2 very young boys that were (what was assumed and generally accepted back then) sexually abused by their father (a notary from Antwerp). At that time the mainstream press was heavily publishing about that but years later it turned out that the whole story was made up (by his wife?) and that there were no grounds for the accusations. We were all fooled…

We played together with our hometown friends ‘No Numbers’ (for whom our singer had played guitar before) and the ‘Dirty Scums’ (also mates from the pub and gigs). We had been introduced to ‘Vernon Walters’ (from Hoorn, The Netherlands) already by the people of ‘Indirekt’. We would play togteher with them and organise gigs for them a few times more (e.g. 88-08-13 & 89-09-02). Their singer/guitarist Hans Engel (Let’s Make Or Own recs) would also become a friend and I traded zines with their guitarist Niels de Wit.

I especially remember this evening for meeting a couple of people for the first time that would regularly pass through my life. When we’d finished our gig and loaded the gear into the car, 3 guys (perhaps 16-17? at that time) came up to me and presented themselves. They had developed an interest in HC/punk through the Kortrijk metal-scene and had made stickers (of which they gave me a few) as a way to ‘identify’ themselves and underscore their ‘unity’. It read ‘Westland Hardcore’ (referring to our province of West-Flanders). Who could have thought that years later a few of these blokes would firmly establish themselves in the H8000 scene (straight-edge HC/metal)? They were Hans Verbeke (who played bass in his first band, ‘Yuppies’ Death!’ with me and would later turn up in ‘Rise Above’, ‘Blindfold’, ‘Liar’, etc.), Jan ‘U.J.’ Vandekerckhove (bass in ‘Dreft’, ‘Congress’, ‘Liar’) and Pascal ‘Scalle’ Desplancke (later vocalist for the grindcore band ‘Dreft’).

Also present: Martin Vantomme (The Pits), Bart Van Haele (‘Creep Insanity’), Edward Verhaeghe (‘Rise Above’, etc.) …

*** Niels de Wit: >>That was the very first ‘V.W.’ gig in Belgium. I wasn’t in the band yet… I can remember them going there though, they’d just existed for 3 months. The first EP would come out a week later.<<

*** Vort’n Jan Claus: >>It was that evening that we met each other the first time, Brob. We knew each other from exchanging our fanzines (your Tilt! and my De Rattebeet (The Ratbite). I think it was maybe my first hardcore-gig.<<


Review by ‘Edward 5’ (Edward Verhaeghe) in Genocide #2 (Bel – 1987)

[…] Not that many people but that was partly because ‘Conflict’ & ‘Ear Damage’ did a gig in Venlo [The Netherlands]. ‘No Numbers’ opened with their pure trash; very noticeable were the many ‘S.O.D.’ and ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ influences [???]. despite the 2 pit-stops (broken strings) it still was a good performance. The next band was also from Tielt: ‘The Dirty Scums’. The trio played 8 songs from their yet to be released new LP. The songs were still unknown so the response was slow. However, hell broke loose with Martens Jij Ouwe Rukker, Martens You Son Of a Bitch & Fascist Cops Don’t Give a Fuck. The diving, trashing crowd went nuts when they played the classic Zorba (also to be heard on the new album). After that the gents played some covers such as Lonely Boy (‘Sex Pistols’), When the Punx Go Marchin’ In (‘Abrasive Wheels’) & Borstal Breakout (‘Sham 69’). These last songs were all sung by ‘No Numbers’ singer [Danny]. A great fun-core performance. […] Then it was time for the ‘Repulsives’ with their amusing trash: a ‘new’ band with people that flagrantly speak their minds; hence: top notch lyrics. Their music can be best described as a hybrid of trash and hardcore, with here ande there some melody. An added plus is their singer, who is all-round, runs all over the stage with a lot of humour and doesn’t hesitate to throw himself in the crowd. During their concert we got to hear great versions of Jailhouse Rock [Elvis Presly cover], Baby Baby [‘Vibrators’ cover] and Fascist Skins. Musically the guys tend towards ‘Slayer’ & ‘Cyclone’ [no kidding!?] but they don’t forget their punk-roots. I noticed that during their gig everyone, also the Metal-heads, had a great time. Then, from The Netherlands: ‘The Vernon Walters’… which I unfortunately couldn’t see die because my ride was waiting. The band had brought some poeople of ‘Indirekt’ along and these were making quite some publicity for their Nacht Und Nebel EP. Later I heard the V.W. played punk, a bit more quiet than the others [???].