Repulsives @ Namur

87-03-21: Repulsives (Bel), Vortex (Bel)

87-03-21 Repulsives (Namur)

The day after we did our first show at the 1000 Appeltjes in Antwerp, we were due in the French-speaking, southern part of our country. To us that felt like that the other side of the world. We didn’t know much about the scene there (apart from the band ‘Vortex’ that played in Flanders quite often; and from a bunch of people – the ‘Charleroi Slam Crew’ that showed up at concerts). We hardly heard of any gigs down there during these early years… I only recall a skate-contest thing (86-09-09, in Gerpinnes) where ‘Heibel’ and ‘Ear Damage’ had played. We were invited to Namur by ‘Vortex’ drummer Vincent ‘Fax’ Delcorde (R.I.P.). My memory tells me it was a very long drive and the place where we played was very cold. It might have been a youth-centre but the buiilding was rather dilapidated… I believe we were interviewed there for the fanzine ‘La Boîte à Sucettes’.

Serge Harvent took a bunch op photos from us there. It’s the only ones that show the Repulsives ‘backdrop’ (ahum, more like an old bed-sheet with a drawing)…

87-03-21 Repulsives (Namur) banner

87-03-21 Repulsives (Namur) Joeri + Dirk +Stinky+Brob‘Repulsives’: Joeri – Dirk – Stinky – Brob

87-03-21 Repulsives (Namur) bandMarco Hinic, ‘Vortex’ guitarist leaning on the speaker…

87-03-21 Repulsives (Namur) Stinky+Brobthe only one who was never cold was Stinky (because of his energetic performances)…

87-03-21 Repulsives (Namur) watching Vortex‘Repulsives’ (in the background) watching ‘Vortex’ play…

Repulsives @ Scherpenheuvel

87-02-15: Heresy (UK), Skeezicks (Ger), Sherwood (Fra), Cyclone (Bel), Repulsives (Bel)

87-02-15 Cyclone - Skeezicks - Heresy - Repulsives (Sharphill)

Werner E. of Hageland Hardcore had seen us perform a few times and invited us to come and play in his hometown on one of his already famous Hageland Hardcore festivals. Of course we’ld already visited there and around that time I did an interview for Tilt! #2 with ‘De Witte’. Needless to say we were honoured and excited to play with ‘Heresy’ (we’d seen them there a few months before and had started a correspondence with their singer John March) and ‘Skeezicks’ (another great bunch that would become friends). The metal-heads of ‘Cyclone’ were also very popular, playing skillful thrash… Here’s some photos of the show. There was also a French band playing (‘Sherwood’) that wasn’t announced but had played the night before (@ Sint-Truiden: ‘Spermbirds’, ‘Skeezicks’, ‘Sherwood’, ‘Heibel’, ‘C.P.D.’).

87-02-15 Repulsives gig-review (Deadline #1)review in Deadline #1

We were pretty impressed. The place where Werner did the shows (Parochiezaal) had a very big stage and there was always a professional P.A. It was also a long drive to the other side of the country for us. We had to be there before noon so had to leave around 8-9 a.m. on a Sunday morning (!). We were pretty exhausted, and a bit nervous, but we must’ve left an impression since we were asked to come back and Werner offered us to record a bunch of songs for a split-LP with ‘Cólera’. We were also interviewed by local young kids ‘Moby’ and Burt (later ‘Agathocles’ drummer) for their fanzine Deadline.

Here’s some photos taken by the ‘Phantom’ (Charleroi Slam Crew):


87-02-15-repulsives-stinkybrob-video-martin-vantommeApparently we were also video-taped… (courtesy of Martin Vantomme)

And these appeared in Peace Or Annihlation, taken by Onno Hesselink:

87-02-15 Repulsives Joeri (Scherpenheuvel)87-02-15 Repulsives Brob (Scherpenheuvel)