Repulsives @ De Roze (Eeklo)

85-12-28: Ausbruch (Ger), Repulsives (Bel), No Numbers (Bel), Dirty Scums (Bel)

85-12-28 Repulsives - No Numbers (Eeklo) +‘Deadlock’ (Nl), ‘X-Creta’ (Bel) & ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ (Bel) cancelled for some reason… So organiser Kurt Boelens (who’d  featured us on on his compilation-tapes) invited us (and our hometown buddies ‘No Numbers’) as stand-ins. It was our first gig in the HC/punk-scene so one can say that Kurt launched our ‘career’ (haha)… I remember I was quite nervous and didn’t move around much. It was our first line-up, with Stinky still singing while playing drums, so we didn’t really have a ‘front-man’. I guess our performance there wasn’t our best…

85-12-28 set-listthe set-list mentions it was a “anti-militaristic” evening…

85-12-28 Repulsives - No Numbers (Eeklo) -original flyer

85-12-28 Repulsives Brob (AckAck Eeklo) picpic by Werner Hendrycks (De Vergeten Jeugd fanzine)

85-12-28 No Numbers (Eeklo)85-12-28 Ausbruch (Eeklo)pics by Kurt Boelens (‘No Numbers’ & ‘Ausbruch’)

These scans are also from #3 of De Vergeten Jeugd (‘No Numbers’ – ‘Dirty Scums’ – ‘Ausbruch’):

85-12-28 No Numbers (Ack Ack Eeklo)85-12-28 Dirty Scums (Ack Ack Eeklo)85-12-28 Ausbruch (Ack Ack Eeklo)

 85-12-28 gig-review (Vergeten Jeugd #3)gig-review in De Vergeten Jeugd #3: ‘Deadlock’ is mentioned but after the show I took note that they were replaced by ‘The Creeps’???