Repulsives @ Calypso (Moorslede)

86-11-15: Hate Crew (Bel), Repulsives (Bel), No Numbers (Bel), Dirty Scums (Bel)

gig-review in Ekstra Punk Special #7 (by Dirk Verkain) * translation below

86-11-15 Repulsives gig-review (Ekstra Punk Special #7)86-11-15 Repulsives gig-review (Ekstra Punk Special #7)'86-11-15 Repulsives gig-review (Ekstra Punk Special #7)''


Arrived at 8 p.m. Not a lot of people yet but well yeah this is early. Gradually more people showed up at this small but cozy shed. Most of them were from the area; a lot of chicks sitting on their arse all the time! Some perhaps flaunting their hairdo – mohawk straight up?! Some more action please girls; and when are we gonna see a female band on stage or one of you doing a fanzine? In the audience I quickly noticed that there were quite some hard-rockers present! And as later in the evening would appear: these guys are worse than nazi-skins!

Well…onto the first band then: the ‘Dirty Numbers’! [members of ‘No Numbers’ and ‘Dirty Scums’] The pedal to the metal, right from the start; people who’re eager for a pogo started to dance! Covers of ‘Sham 69’, ‘Sex Pistols’, etc. Very good and some songs even better than the originals! Hopefully they’ll do a tape of that! I noticed a hard-rocker coming forward and every now and then – when someone came to close – raised his fist and pushed them over, etc. Suddenly he grabbed one of my friends so we went at him with some 4 of us. Perhaps a bit cowardly but the guy just deserved it. He cooled down soon enough! But that was the end of it: there were more hard-rockers in the venue! After a while the Desperados (or something like that), a motorcycle-gang from Roeselare, appeared to be present – these were gonna ruin everything later on! That’s why I’m not into punks playing heavy [metal] – that’s gonna kill everything sooner or later! So punks: keep the heavy’s away! Don’t lure them into coming over by stating you’re a speed-metal band, all right?!

The second band was ‘Hate Crew’! In my opinion thé band of the evening! In the beginning I had to get used to it – don’t know – but soon enough I couldn’t keep still, pogo all the way. The band was definitely appreciated by the audience! Top-notch hardcore! Sometimes things were quite chaotic but I like that! They were asked to do an encore.

Then ‘Repulsives’ were next; with a new bassist. I really admire the singer of that band! A real ‘stage-beast’! A pity they didn’t sound that aggressive; in my opinion the power, the atmosphere wasn’t optimal. Nevertheless: no that bad at all!

‘No Numbers’ had great misfortune. The cops had already dropped by but the bigger problem were the hard-rockers that messed the whole place up! Someone took the mike and spoke up so half of the crowd left the venue and hit for the pub where the troublemakers were! There were a lot of insults going back and forth but this didn’t lead to a fight. The hard-rockers had a really big mouth! Then everyone went back to the venue where ‘No Numbers’ had started! The band has improved a lot! They’re playing a lot faster! Sometimes it seems the singer can’t keep the pace, which is a pity! Are they evolving more into a hardcore band? Perhaps a bit more power and aggression in the vocals? The band played a decent set and also thumbs up for the singer becasue he couldn’t keep quiet (perhaps because of the booze?).

Then it was time for the ‘Dirty Scums’! Their newest single was just out! It’s a bit of a pity that the one song is already known. This single isn’t bad but perhaps some money lost for the ‘Dirty Scums’? How many times have I seen this band already?! I lost track. But they keep fascinating me! What struck me, was that they play a lot of old songs, but I like that of course! The ‘Dirty Scums’ have a lot of followers; what they deserve! They were good but I’d seem them do better. I’m looking forward to the new LP!

Suddenly it was over but the audience wanted more; there was something wrong with the P.A. though…