Repulsives @ Winterswijk (CANCELLATION)

After returning from touring with (‘Lärm’, ‘Hersey’ & ‘Heibel’) in the UK (July 1987), Stinky indicated he wanted to take a different direction with the band. Dirk & Joeri choose to  leave. Brob picks up the bass, and together with Stinky (guitar/vocals) & Lompie (drums, ex ‘No Numbers’) rehearsals for a new repertoire start…

Introduced by Werner of Hageland Hardcore, Guus Sarianamual of the Chi Chi Club in Winterswijk invites the band for a gig 2 times (see posters below) but we have to cancel because we’re not ready… A real shame because these were great bills!

(87-08-05 Repulsives - No Allegiance, Winterswijk)

(87-08-29 Repulsives - Indigesti, Winterswijk)