Repulsives @ Sint-Jozef (Tielt)

86-06-29, the day of the Flemish-nationalist IJzer-bedevaart; a concert in Repulsives’ hometown (Tielt) in a tent on the fair-ground of a catholic parish, where we were invited (by our mates of ‘TVC-15’, who rehearsed in the same space as we did) to perform. The place was filled with (quite hostile) jocks so this and the ideology of/limitations imposed by the narrowminded/law-abiding citizens who organised the thing (and didn’t have a clue what we were about), got us all excited, pissed and fucked-up (which shows in the words in-between songs, the singing and the quality of the music). Nevertheless: a great document of the band’s history…

The band’s line-up was Stinky (vocals), Brob (guitar), Faan ‘Disorder’ (bass) & Dirk (drums). The latter had just joined us a few months before (he was also the drummer of ‘TVC-15’) so Stinky could completely take up his role as frontman.

Listen to the live tracks:

Instrumental (this would later become the song Go Skate Or Go Home) / In Love / Waitin’ For The Death / The Yellow Parade / Skullcrusher / Leon’s Case / Goodbye Kate / Jailhouse Rock [Elvis Presley cover] / Flyin’ In The Face Of Authority / Religion / Baby Baby [‘The Vibrators’ cover] / The Repulsive Song / Mosh [spoof on ‘Stormtroopers Of Death’] / It’s Always The Same / The Buck Stops Here [‘Antisect’ cover] / Fascist Skins