Repulsives pic SceneReport1986Brob – Fane – Stinky (December 1985)

Tielt, 1985: Brob (guitar) and his cousin Stefaan (‘Fane’; bass) ask Stinky (at that time guitarist of ‘No Numbers’) to start a band. Stinky takes up drumming and sings aswell. The band rehearses in the local youth-centre (and sometimes at the venue De Marbel).

A few local gigs lead to an invitation to play at an Ack Ack gig (Kurt Boelens puts the band on one of his compilation-tapes) and the ball gets rollin’ with gigs in various places (De Garde, Brasschaat, with ‘No Pigs’; Q104, Leuven, with ‘Anguish’ & ‘CPD’; etc.).

April ’86 Dirk P. (ex ‘TVC-15’) starts drumming for ‘Repulsives’ which allows vocalist Stinky to start playing guitar alongside Brob. (At one timepoint ‘Repulsives’ also tried out a female vocalist – Hilde ? from Lichtervelde/Zwevezele? – but this didn’t work out.)

‘Repulsives’ play together with ‘Hate Crew’ (who started the Smurfpunx concert-collective) quite a few times and this lands them a gig with ‘Toxic Reasons’ and ‘Ear Damage’ in Aalst.

November ’86 Stefaan leaves the band and is replaced by Joeri A.

Various gigs all over Belgium follow… Memorable are e.g. De Finkel, Jette, with ‘Kina’; Harelbeke, with ‘Vernon Walters’; Netwerk, Aalst, with ‘Ceresit’, Scherpenheuvel, with ‘Heresy’ & ‘Skeezicks’; twice @1000 Appeltjes, Antwerp (once with ‘Cólera’ and another time with ‘Generic’ & ‘Electro Hippies’), etc. etc.

Some of the band’s members also organise shows at the local venue De Marbel. This leads to a fantastic show there early May ’87 (with ‘Cólera”, ‘Negazione’ & ‘Skeezicks’). Just a few weeks later De Marbel is closed down by the police due to riots at the ‘Dirty Scums’ anniversary festival…

May 1987: ‘Repulsives’ record (9th & 10th) and mix (16th) 10 songs at Nightingale studios (Berchem). These were meant for a split-LP on Hageland Hardcore recs. Unfortunately, because of the label’s financial problems, this doesn’t materialise. (The tracks are released in the 90s as a benefit-tape for the White Rose Collective by Nabate, and in the new millennium they appear on a CD entitled Local Punk Heroes together with 3 other bands from Tielt – ‘Dirty Scums’, ‘No Numbers’, ‘Get Stuffed’).

Brob organises his first tour (June ’87; for ‘Ripcord’) and joins the Smurfpunx collective…

Summer 1987: the band has to turn down a few concerts in The Netherlands, demotivation sets in. Dirk & Joeri leave. Brob picks up the bass and together with Stinky (guitar/vocals) and Lompie (drums, ex ‘No Numbers’) a whole new repertoire is arranged… This, however, seems unfulfilling to Stinky and only one gig (last ever) is done in that line-up: Sep 26th ’87 (with ‘Indirekt’ & ‘Vernon Walters’).

1988: Brob gets together with Lompie (drums), Hans Verbeke (bass) and Joost G. to form ‘Yuppies’Death!’. They do two gigs but have to quit because Lompie wants to do more “feaky-jazzy” stuff.

Stinky died in a traffic-accident in 2001 (R.I.P.)…

Repulsives - Sancta Familia (summer 1986)Brob – Fane – Stinky – Dirk (July 1986)

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