Repulsives rehearsal-tape Winter 85-86Rehearsal-tape winter 85-86

Repulsives - Benefit - Studio Tape

Studio-tape May 1987

Do not reproduce with the intent to make money!!!

Recorded May 1987 in the Nightingale studio (Berchem). Originally meant to be released as a split-LP with ‘Coléra’ (Brasil) on Hageland recs (the label went bankrupt and/or the band split up before the release could take place). Released as benefit-tape (C60 with blank b-side) for the White Rose Collective (USA) in 1989 by Nabate in Liège (200 to 300 copies).
Digitally remastered on June 22nd 2006 at TVA Music Co (Olen) for vzw The Dirty Scums:

Local Punk Heroes

Various tape-compilations:

24 Love Songs; Smurfpunks Part II (Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski, Lede/Wetteren, Bel)

Ack Ack Live Tape (Kurt Boelens, Bassevelde, Eeklo, Bel)

Benelux Fight Back (Bart ‘Bassie’ Van Haele, Eeklo, Bel)

Big Noise In Little Belgium (Stéphane Bruyaux, Jette, Bel)

Dirty Methodes To Survive


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