Yuppies’ Death!

After the demise of ‘Repulsives’, Brob and Lompie started a new band with Hans Verbeke (bass) and Joost Goeminne (vocals). We did 2 gigs (88-08-20 @ ‘Jamasj’, Terneuzen-NL * 88-09-03 @ ‘Netwerk’, Aalst-B) and there were no recordings besides live @ Smurfpunx …

88-08-20 YD TerneuzenSmurfpunx (Aalst 88, Ripcord) + YD Duco

YD art by SlingYuppies' Death (drawing by Joost) 1

YD pose

interview in the Belgian zine Swompy (#1):

Y.D. in Swompy 1Y.D. in Swompy 2Y.D. in Swompy 3Y.D. in Swompy 4Y.D. in Swompy 5

YD Brob-Joost-HansBrob – Joost – Hans

Yuppies' Death - Lompie' (-)Lompie

– under construction –

One response to “Yuppies’ Death!

  1. They don’t make t-shirts like this anymore… I still wear that ‘Bad Brains’ shirt and it almost looks new … Well almost.
    What I remember of ‘Yuppies’Death’ is good fun with the rest of the band-members. We were all different in our thinking and music taste, but for me it was nessecary in growing up. Cheers to y’all.
    Santé! Tielt city.

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